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Who could guess than a playing card company could develop the most iconic home video game console?

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Boat screenshot

I saw this game as a demo somewhere, I can not say the name, but, I liked it. So, lets copy it. Kill subs, avoid to be killed. After a google search, I found the name: Sink Sub pro. WIP [source] [ROM]

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Install cc65
    apt-get install build-essential imagemagick cc65
  2. Download nes-chr-encode
    cd ~
    git clone https://github.com/play3577/nes-chr-encode.git
    apt-get install python3-png
  3. Set nes-chr-encode location in path. Add to ~/.bash.rc the following line
    export NES_CHR_ENCODE=~/nes-chr-encode




  1. Release: Japan 1983
  2. CPU: 8-bit Ricoh 2A03 (Customized 6502) @ 2 MHz
  3. Resolution: 256x240pixels (32x30 tiles)
  4. CHR: 16x16 tiles (128x128 pixels)
  5. Palettes: 4 of 4 colours for background. 4 of 4 colors for sprites