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DURANGO: The Open Hardware 6502 based 8 bit computer

Missed the microcomputer era? Feeling nostalgic? You can build your own 6502 8-bit microcomputer!

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Pong screenshot

The begining of everything [source] [ROM]


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Break all briks you can! [source] [ROM]


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Catch all candys [source] [ROM]

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  1. Release: DEC 2022
  2. CPU: 8-bit 65C02 @ 1.536 MHz
  3. 16 color palette
  4. Resolution: 128x128pixels GRgB / 256x256 bw
  5. Video Mode: $DF80 (HiRes Invert S1 S0 RGB LED NC NC)
  6. Sincronismos: $DF88 (HBlank VBlank NC NC NC NC NC NC)
  7. Interrupt: $DFA0 (NC NC NC NC NC NC NC Enable)
  8. Sound: $DFB0 (NC NC NC NC NC NC NC Sound)
  9. 16 color palette
  10. Assembler: xa65
  11. 98 ciclos/linea
  12. 5488 ciclos en VBlank
  13. 30576 ciclos/frame
  14. Serial port: $df93
  15. minipro -p am27c128@dip28 -w rom.bin
  16. minipro -p AT28C256 -w rom.bin